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 Peter Fréchette - Biography

Peter Frechette began drawing obsessively at the age of 5. Brushes and colors became the most important materials in his life. When he turned 13 his mother enrolled him in an art class at The Maryland College of Art and Design. There he was introduced to all types of new mediums; much more interesting than crayons and poster paint that he had been using in his early years.

After graduating from high school his father enrolled in Montgomery College of Art and Design. After 2 years he had enough of teachers telling him to draw like them. Peter wanted his own identity. One day while at an art store he happened upon an airbrush magazine. After purchasing the equipment and using it for first time, he knew that would become a life long passion.

“There are many artists that I admire and that inspire me beyond comprehension. Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, Sorayama, Jim Buckles, Boris Vallejo, Christian Reese Lassen and Michael Whelan are some that have influenced me. But I have certainly been inspired by a few lesser know artists whose work fills me with envy. The Canadian fantasy-artist Jonathon Earl Bowser, and his mythic transcendent woman waiting in a sublime aura, have had a profound effect on me. I very much admire the work of Don Eddy, the ‘Master of Reality.’ His paintings stretch the viewers’ ideas of dimension, space and emotion.

To me art is not just looking at a picture and copying the lights and darks, it is unveiling our inner thoughts and perceptions of the world. You must feel it in your heart, and then it flows towards your hand and onto the canvas.”

One of Peters biggest demands are airbrushed racing helmets, shipping orders as far as Alaska and Hawaii. He has won countless bike awards in many states.